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China high quality Manufacturer Supplier Customized Various Kinds Plastic Bushings Made of PA6/PP/PTFE/POM/PEEK Machine Spare Parts Nylon Bushing. cable bushing

Product Description

Manufacturer Supplier Customized Various Kinds Plastic Bushings Made of PA6/PP/PTFE/POM/PEEK Machine Spare Parts Nylon Bushing.



Material  Nylon 
Inspection Equipments 3D Measure Instrument, CMM,  Spectrum Analyzers,  Electronic balance,  Microscope, Altimeter ,  Calipers,  Micrometer,etc.
  Application field Parts are used on vehicles, printing machines, textile machines, electronic machines, etc.
  Manufacturing process CNC machining Broaching, Drilling, Milling, Other Machining Services, Rapid Prototyping, Turning,
  QC inspection Make sure 100% inspection before the delivery
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1. Inner Packing

For small products: 100PCS-200PCS per sealed plastic bag.
For bigger products: 2PCS-10PCS per plastic film roller (depends on the product size)

2. Outer Packing&Shipment Packing
8PCS-300PCS per carton (depends on the product size)

3. Shipment Packing

18-24 cartons per wood case or pallet, shockproof and safe for transportation.




Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer?
A: Our management is focused on exporting activities for more than 10 years and we have our own bushing factory. CHINAMFG is always professional and reliable. Our advantages are multiple resource integration, strong quality assurance and excellent service level. We are always responsible for our products.

Q: Hong long is your delivery time?
A: Generally 10-25 days after order. It depends on the quantity.

Q: Do you produce samples? Is it free or extra?
A: For standard products, we produce samples free of charge for our customers. And the express costs will be burdened by the customer, but can be returned after the order is placed.

Q: How to ensure the quality?
A: We produce as per the confirmed technology or drawings for each order for our customers. And our factory has a strict quality control system. We inspect goods during production according to a certain frequency and we also perform the final inspection before the goods are packed.

Q: Do you like to serve the customers only with small orders?
A: We are always glad to grow up together with all our customers whatever big or small.We hope our customers become stronger and stronger to be with us.

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Customized: Customized
Certification: ISO, ISO 9001:2015
Standard Parts: Standard or non standard
Universal: Yes
Type: Bushing
Material: Nylon, rubber, PTFE, etc
US$ 0.01/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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plastic bush

Can I find information on alternatives to nylon bushings for specific industrial applications?

Yes, you can find information on alternatives to nylon bushings for specific industrial applications by considering the following sources:

1. Manufacturer Websites:

– Visit the websites of manufacturers that specialize in industrial components or bushings. They often provide detailed information about their product offerings, including alternative materials to nylon bushings.

– Look for sections on their websites that discuss different materials, specifications, and applications. These sections may highlight alternative materials such as metal, plastic, composite, or other types of bushings suitable for specific industrial applications.

2. Industry Publications and Journals:

– Industry publications and journals dedicated to specific industrial sectors often feature articles or studies that discuss different types of bushings and their applications.

– Explore relevant publications in your industry to find articles, case studies, or technical papers that discuss alternative bushing materials. These resources can provide insights into the performance, benefits, and limitations of different materials in specific industrial applications.

3. Consult with Industry Experts:

– Reach out to industry experts, engineers, or consultants who specialize in the specific industrial application you are interested in. They can provide valuable insights and recommendations based on their expertise and experience.

– Attend industry conferences, trade shows, or seminars where you can network with professionals and experts in the field. Engaging in discussions and seeking advice from knowledgeable individuals can help you discover alternative bushing materials suitable for your specific application.

4. Online Forums and Communities:

– Participate in online forums, communities, or discussion groups related to your industry or specific industrial applications. These platforms provide opportunities to connect with professionals, share experiences, and seek recommendations on alternative bushing materials.

– Post inquiries or questions about alternative bushing materials, specifying your industrial application and requirements. Members of the community may share their insights, experiences, or suggestions based on their own knowledge and expertise.

5. Consult with Suppliers and Distributors:

– Contact suppliers and distributors of industrial components, including bushings, and inquire about alternative materials suitable for your specific application.

– Suppliers and distributors often have extensive product knowledge and can provide guidance on alternative bushing materials based on your requirements, such as load capacity, operating conditions, or environmental factors.

– Inquire about materials such as bronze, stainless steel, PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), composite materials, or other plastics that may be suitable alternatives to nylon bushings.

When researching alternatives to nylon bushings for specific industrial applications, consider factors such as material properties, compatibility with the application, load capacity, temperature resistance, lubrication requirements, and overall performance.

By exploring these sources and consulting with experts, you can gather valuable information and make informed decisions about the most suitable alternative bushing materials for your specific industrial application.

plastic bush

Where can I purchase self-lubricating nylon bushings for reduced maintenance needs?

If you are looking to purchase self-lubricating nylon bushings that offer reduced maintenance needs, here’s a detailed explanation:

1. Online Industrial Suppliers:

– One convenient option is to search for online industrial suppliers that specialize in bearings, bushings, and related products. These suppliers often have a wide range of self-lubricating nylon bushings available for purchase.

– Use search engines and online marketplaces to find reputable industrial suppliers. Some popular online platforms include Alibaba, Amazon, Grainger, McMaster-Carr, and RS Components.

– Visit their websites and use their search or navigation tools to locate the section dedicated to bushings or bearings. Filter or search specifically for self-lubricating nylon bushings to narrow down your options.

– Compare product specifications, prices, and customer reviews to make an informed decision. Pay attention to the self-lubricating properties and maintenance benefits mentioned in the product descriptions.

2. Local Industrial Suppliers:

– Check your local area for industrial suppliers or distributors that carry a variety of mechanical components. These suppliers often cater to businesses and individuals in need of industrial products, including self-lubricating nylon bushings.

– Look up directories or online listings of industrial suppliers in your region. Visit their physical stores or contact them to inquire about the availability of self-lubricating nylon bushings.

– Discuss your specific requirements with the suppliers and inquire about the brands or product lines they carry that offer reduced maintenance needs. They can provide guidance and recommendations based on their expertise.

3. Manufacturers and Authorized Dealers:

– Consider reaching out to manufacturers of self-lubricating nylon bushings or their authorized dealers. Manufacturers often have a network of authorized distributors or dealers who can provide their products directly to customers.

– Visit the websites of the manufacturers or use their “Find a Dealer” or “Contact Us” features to locate authorized dealers near your location. Contact them to inquire about the availability of self-lubricating nylon bushings.

– Manufacturers or authorized dealers can provide information on the specific benefits and reduced maintenance features of their self-lubricating nylon bushings. They may also offer technical support and guidance in selecting the right product for your application.

4. Trade Shows and Exhibitions:

– Attend trade shows, exhibitions, or industry conferences related to mechanical components, bearings, or industrial supplies. These events often feature numerous exhibitors showcasing their products, including self-lubricating nylon bushings.

– Check event listings or industry publications to find upcoming trade shows in your area or within your industry of interest. Attend these events to explore the offerings of different suppliers and manufacturers.

– Engage in conversations with representatives from various companies, inquire about their self-lubricating nylon bushings, and collect product information or brochures for further evaluation.

5. Local Machine Shops or Fabricators:

– Local machine shops or fabricators may also be a source for self-lubricating nylon bushings. These establishments often have access to a variety of materials and can manufacture or source bushings based on your specifications.

– Search for machine shops or fabricators in your area and contact them to inquire if they offer self-lubricating nylon bushings or can source them for you. Provide them with the specific requirements and quantities you need.

– Discuss the reduced maintenance benefits you are looking for, and they can advise on the most suitable self-lubricating nylon bushings for your application.

Remember to consider factors such as product quality, pricing, delivery options, and customer support when selecting a supplier. It is also beneficial to compare multiple options before making a final decision to ensure you find the most suitable self-lubricating nylon bushings for your reduced maintenance needs.

plastic bush

Are there different types of nylon materials used in manufacturing nylon bushings, and how do they impact performance?

Yes, there are different types of nylon materials used in manufacturing nylon bushings, and they can have varying impacts on performance. Here’s a detailed explanation:

1. Nylon 6:

– Nylon 6, also known as polyamide 6 (PA6), is a common type of nylon material used in manufacturing bushings. It offers good mechanical strength, toughness, and wear resistance.

– Nylon 6 bushings provide reliable performance in various applications, particularly those with moderate loads and operating conditions. They are cost-effective and widely available.

2. Nylon 66:

– Nylon 66, or polyamide 66 (PA66), is another popular nylon material used for bushing manufacturing. It has similar properties to Nylon 6 but with enhanced strength, stiffness, and heat resistance.

– Nylon 66 bushings exhibit improved dimensional stability and resistance to deformation under load, making them suitable for applications with higher loads or more demanding operating conditions.

3. Heat-Stabilized Nylon:

– Heat-stabilized nylon materials, such as Nylon 6/6 or PA66 with added heat stabilizers, are specifically formulated to provide increased resistance to elevated temperatures.

– These heat-stabilized nylon bushings can withstand higher temperature ranges without significant loss of mechanical properties or dimensional stability. They are suitable for applications where thermal resistance is a critical requirement.

4. Glass-Filled Nylon:

– Glass-filled nylon, also referred to as reinforced nylon, is a type of nylon material that is reinforced with glass fibers. The addition of glass fibers improves the strength, stiffness, and dimensional stability of the nylon.

– Glass-filled nylon bushings offer enhanced load-bearing capabilities, improved wear resistance, and reduced creep under heavy loads. They are commonly used in applications that require higher strength and rigidity.

5. Molybdenum Disulfide (MoS2) Filled Nylon:

– MoS2 is a solid lubricant that can be added to nylon materials to enhance their self-lubricating properties. Nylon bushings with MoS2 fillers provide improved friction and wear characteristics.

– MoS2-filled nylon bushings are suitable for applications where additional lubrication may be limited or impractical. They help reduce friction, minimize wear, and extend the lifespan of the bushing and mating parts.

6. Other Specialty Nylon Materials:

– There are various other specialty nylon materials available for specific applications. For example, nylon materials with enhanced chemical resistance, electrical conductivity, or low friction properties can be used in specialized bushing applications.

– These specialty nylon bushings cater to specific performance requirements and can be selected based on the unique needs of the application.

The choice of nylon material for manufacturing bushings depends on the specific application requirements, including load capacity, operating temperature, wear resistance, dimensional stability, and cost considerations. It is important to select the appropriate nylon material that can meet the performance demands of the application and ensure optimal functionality and durability of the bushings.

China high quality Manufacturer Supplier Customized Various Kinds Plastic Bushings Made of PA6/PP/PTFE/POM/PEEK Machine Spare Parts Nylon Bushing.   cable bushing	China high quality Manufacturer Supplier Customized Various Kinds Plastic Bushings Made of PA6/PP/PTFE/POM/PEEK Machine Spare Parts Nylon Bushing.   cable bushing
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China high quality TEHCO Sleeve Self-lubricating DX Bushing Made of Steel Base and Yellow POM DIN1494 Standard with Oil Dents to Perserve Oil for Forming Machine Tools. near me manufacturer

Product Description

TEHCO Sleeve Self-lubricating DX Bushing Manufactured of Steel Base and Yellow POM DIN1494 Normal with Oil Dents to Perserve Oil for Forming Equipment Tools.


TEHCO DX Sleeve Self-lubricating Bushing Produced of Metal Bronze Powder and POM DIN1494 for Hydraulic Industry Equipment.
(1) material framework is Steel foundation + Bronze powder + POM (yellow).
(2) very good load capability and wear-resistant.
(3) applied to the automobile chassis, forming machine resources, metal metallurgical equipment, mineral mTEHCO Sleeve Self-lubricating DX Bushing Created of Steel Base and Yellow POM DIN1494 Standard with Oil Dents to Perserve Oil for Forming Equipment Instruments.TEHCO Sleeve Self-lubricating DX Bushing Created of Metal Foundation and Yellow POM DIN1494 Regular with Oil Dents to Perserve Oil for Forming Machine Instruments.ountain machinery, hydraulic market and rolling metal market, and many others. Because of without direct, this item is according with environmental prerequisite.


Thorough Picture









one. Inner Packing

For tiny merchandise: 100PCS-200PCS for each sealed plastic bag.
For greater goods: 2PCS-10PCS for every plastic movie roller (is dependent on the merchandise dimensions)

2. Outer Packing&Cargo Packing
8PCS-300PCS for each carton (is dependent on the product dimensions)

3. Shipment Packing

18-24 cartons for every wood scenario or pallet, shockproof and secure for transportation.



Q: Are you buying and selling firm or company?
A: Our management is centered on exporting actions for more than 10 several years and we have our own bushing factory. TEHCO is often professional and reputable. Our advantages are several resource integration, sturdy top quality assurance and superb support stage. We are often accountable for our merchandise.

Q: Hong long is your supply time?
A: Normally ten-25 times following buy. It is dependent on the quantity.

Q: Do you create samples? Is it free or added?
A: For standard products, we create samples free of charge for our clients. And the express fees will be burdened by the buyer, but can be returned soon after the get is positioned.

Q: How to make certain the good quality?
A: We create as per the verified technological innovation or drawings for every single buy for our consumers. And our manufacturing facility has a stringent top quality handle technique. We examine merchandise during manufacturing in accordance to a certain frequency and we also perform the final inspection before the items are packed.

Q: Do you like to serve the customers only with small orders?
A: We are always happy to expand up with each other with all our consumers whatsoever huge or small.We hope our clients grow to be more robust and much better to be with us.


Bushing Application, Kind and Compression Capability

Bushings are cylindrical bushings employed in machinery. It prevents use of shifting components and is frequently used as an enclosure. Bushings are also acknowledged as simple bearings or sleeve bearings. You may be questioning what these areas do and how they operate, but this write-up aims to reply all your inquiries. We’ll cover bushing purposes, types and compression abilities so you can choose the appropriate one for your needs.


A bushing is a mechanical ingredient that performs an essential role in several distinct fields. In addition to becoming quite functional, it assists reduce sound, vibration, dress in and provides anti-corrosion homes. These qualities help mechanical equipment in numerous methods, which includes creating it easier to maintain and lowering its overall construction. The operation of an enclosure is dependent on its objective and atmosphere. This article will talk about some of the most typical applications of casing.
For case in point, in an plane, the bushing assembly sixteen might be utilised for the bulkhead isolator forty . The bushing assembly 16 gives the interfaces and paths essential for existing circulation. In this way, the sleeve assembly provides a protected, trustworthy link between two objects with diverse electrical expenses. They also avoid sparking by rising the electrical conductivity of the component and reducing its resistivity, thus reducing the opportunity of spark formation.
Yet another widespread software for bushings is as a help shaft. In contrast to bearings, bushings function by sliding in between two moving surfaces. As a end result, they minimize friction and managing stress, lowering general upkeep expenses. Normally, the bushing is made of brass or bronze. The rewards of bushings are similar to these of bearings. They assist extend the daily life of rotating devices by lowering frictional energy reduction and put on.
In addition to determining growth possibilities and reducing pitfalls, the Bushing Anti-Vibration Mounts Industry report offers insights into the dynamics of the industry and its important players. The report addresses international market place size, applications, progress prospects, challenges and regional forecasts. The comprehensive area on Bushing Anti-Vibration Mounts market provides insights on need and provide along with aggressive examination at regional and place stage.


There are a number of kinds of bushings. Amid them, the SF6 insulating sleeve has the simplest composition and is dependent on composite hollow insulators. It also has many metallic shielding cylinders for regulating the electric area in the enclosure and one more for grounding the metal shield. In addition to currently being lightweight, this sleeve is also quite durable, but the diameter of its protect electrode is very large, which signifies special set up and managing procedures are necessary.
Linear bushings are typically pressed into the bore of the shaft and offer assistance as the shaft moves in/out. Non-press-suit bushings are held in place by snap rings or pins. For certain apps, engineers usually pick bushings more than bearings and vice versa. That’s why. Beneath are some typical bushing varieties. If you require to buy, make certain you know how to explain to them apart.
OIP bushings are utilised for oil-filled cable boxes, and oil-to-oil bushings are employed for EHV energy transformers. The main factors of the OIP enclosure are revealed in Determine 7a. If you are considering this kind of bushing for your specific application, you require to make certain you recognize your particular demands. You can also seek the advice of your nearby engineering office for more info.
All types of bushings ought to be examined for IR and capacitance. The take a look at faucet need to be securely attached to the bushing flange. If ruined bushings are discovered, change them instantly. Be sure to keep full information of the enclosure for program maintenance and any IR tests. Also, be positive to pay focus to tan d and thermal vision measurements.

Compressive capability

There are several items to take into account when choosing an enclosure. 1st, the substance. There are two main types of bushings: people produced of stuffed Teflon and people created of polyester resin. The previous has the maximum compressive energy, whilst the latter has a decrease compressive ability. If you want small amounts, glass-filled nylon bushings are the most common and best option. Glass-stuffed nylon is an inexpensive materials with a compressive power of 36,000 lbs.
Second, the content utilised for the enclosure must be capable to withstand the load. For case in point, bronze bushings can cause metal shavings to slide into the papermaking approach. CG components can withstand extremely high ranges of dampness, which can hurt bushings that need lubrication. In addition, these components can function for extended durations of time without having lubrication. This is specifically advantageous in the paper industry, given that the casing operates in a humid atmosphere.
In addition to the content and its composition, other traits of the enclosure must also be regarded as, such as its functioning temperature. Even though frictional warmth from relocating masses and the temperature of the bushing by itself can have an effect on the performance of the bushing, these factors determine its provider daily life. For large temperature purposes, the PV of the enclosure must be retained minimal. On the other hand, plastic bushings are usually considerably less heat resistant than metal bushings. In addition, plastic sleeves have a high rate of thermal growth. To keep away from this, dimensions management is also crucial.
Low force bushings have various needs. An 800 MVA installation demands a minimal voltage bushing rated at 14 000 A. The palm assembly of the transformer also characteristics a huge central copper cylinder for electrical recent. The bushing must endure this volume of recent and need to keep an even distribution of present in the transformer tank. If there is a leak, the bushing have to be capable to resist the leak so as not to harm the transformer.


The expense of new handle arm bushings varies broadly. Some parts are cheaper than other folks, and a new component is only $two hundred. Nevertheless, if you exchange the 4 manage bushings in your vehicle, the cost can exceed $1,two hundred. The cost breakdown for every part is outlined beneath. If you program to change all four, the expense of every bushing may possibly selection from $200 to $500.
The manage arm bushing bears the brunt of the forces produced by the tire and is parallel to the path of the pressure. Nonetheless, over time, these factors use out and want to be replaced. Replacing 1 management arm bushing expenses between $three hundred and $1,200. Nevertheless, the expense of replacing every arm bushing is dependent on your auto product and driving practices. The control arm bushings ought to final about a hundred,000 miles just before needing substitute.
The mend process for management arm bushings is time consuming and high-priced. Also, they could want to remove the heat defend or bracket. In either case, the treatment is easy. Stabilizer bar brackets are normally attached with a single or two mounting bolts. They can also be secured with nuts or threaded holes. All you need is a wrench to take away them.
The handle arm bushings are made of two metallic cylinders and a thick rubber bushing. These areas can deteriorate from potholes, off-roading or accidents. Simply because they are manufactured of rubber, the parts are far more costly than new. Acquiring employed kinds can help save you funds due to the fact you will not want to set up them your self. However, if you do prepare on fixing a luxurious auto oneself, be sure to find one particular that has a warranty and warranty.


To avoid your car from overheating and leaking oil, a correctly performing bushing should be used. If the oil stage is as well lower, you will need to have to examine the mounting bolts to make confident they are effectively tightened. Verify gasket to guarantee proper compression is utilized, substitute bushing if necessary. You need to notify your car producer if your motor vehicle is immersed in oil. Each time an oil leak occurs, it is quite critical to substitute the oil-stuffed bushing.
Yet another essential aspect of bushing maintenance is the detection and correction of partial discharges. Partial discharge is brought on by present moving into the bushing. Partial discharge can trigger tree-like structures, cracks and carbonization in the discharge channel, which can eventually injury the casing. Early detection of these processes is critical to guaranteeing that your vehicle’s bushings are correctly taken care of. Identifying and repairing partial discharges is crucial to making sure optimum procedure, irrespective of the kind of pump or motor.
To diagnose casing situation, carry out numerous checks. You can use tan d measurement, which is a strong resource for detecting the ingress of drinking water and humidity. You can also use electrical power element measurements to detect localized defects and getting older outcomes. You can also check out the oil stage by carrying out an infrared check out. Right after finishing these tests, you will be in a position to figure out if there is sufficient oil in the casing.
If the oil amount in the transformer is as well reduced, drinking water and air may leak into the transformer. To avoid this difficulty, be sure to check out the MOG and transformer oil stages. If the silicone is pink, change it. You should also check out the operate of the oil pump, fan and manage circuits every year. Check the physical issue of the pump and fan and no matter whether they need to have to be changed. Cleanse the transformer bushing with a gentle cotton cloth and examine for cracks.

China high quality TEHCO Sleeve Self-lubricating DX Bushing Made of Steel Base and Yellow POM DIN1494 Standard with Oil Dents to Perserve Oil for Forming Machine Tools.     near me manufacturer China high quality TEHCO Sleeve Self-lubricating DX Bushing Made of Steel Base and Yellow POM DIN1494 Standard with Oil Dents to Perserve Oil for Forming Machine Tools.     near me manufacturer